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Trust and Fiduciary Services

China International Trust Limited provides trustee services on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with the establishment of a trust. We provide the following services on behalf of our clients:
  • Acting as trustee for client assets held as nominee accounts/companies/foundations/trusts
  • Implementing investment requirements
  • Liaising with all third parties such as banks, settlors, beneficiaries, company secretarial, brokers, lawyers, accountants and tax advisers
  • Estate management and executorship
  • Acting as nominee
  • Appointing investment advisers and managers
  • Providing instructions to investment managers and executing investment decisions
  • Monitoring investments and undertaking periodic valuations


Cit and other major analysts love Facebook as it heads into earnings after the bell

KEY POINTS We see potential for upside to our above consensus numbers, as our field checks point to steady performance on Facebook, and continued outsized growth on Instagram and Stories, Cit said. Our best idea into earnings, we believe 2Q